Vote for your next server 2018

We did Starbound by demand.
KF2 is gone for good.
Time to vote for another server…
Please note the prerequisite for selecting a game:
We need to have at least 6 people who play regularly.
The server should run on Linux. Some server do both Windows/Linux, thats fine.

That’s about it.

My own personal recommendation is CS:GO but feel free to suggest and get likes for your Suggestion (considered a vote)

p.s. it is likely Starbound will be shutdown since we dont have any regular players.

1.Project zomboid
2.Arma 2 or 3
3.Life is feudal

@virtux do you Know people who play any of these games and can join our discord? It would be good to have some regular player support.
Thanks for the great suggestions

@Vangel If I can be honest Project zomboid have a pretty good player maybe at first this server will be lonely about 3-6 people in 1 day but if long enough live & have active community I think can reach 20-30 player, I mean community active staff is often held events.

  1. insurgency
  2. age of chivalry
  3. gmod
    (this games still alive tho?)

thanks. we need more upvotes for a particular game. yes gmod is still alive but i am not sure if there are too many people playing it around our part of the world

@shalltearbloodfallen Insurgency looks good, ahahahah

yes Insurgency would host really well since its based on Source Engine server. Like it can’t be worse than Counter Strike and some servers are really bad. We could do much worse.

I dont have the game but its a small investment if I can run one of them 32 player servers and really have that many

Insurgency is up and running for CO-OP play. Look for PCGuru.sg server in the server list.

Project zomboid ! i want play on this server :3

@virtux will consider if we have enough people in the forum vote for it so it does not also become a zombie server like 7dtd :smiley:

Okie dokie sir :slight_smile:
i waiting you create vote

I believe you can start votes too. The forum is entirely member driven. Create a topic and put in a poll. Post on discord in case people are not watching the forums. I will host the server that benefits the most people and lets them have fun with friends. I rely on good folks like you to tell me what is needed.