The Forst server

vangel pls… make forst server. need new content for my youtub, I no pay but bring free publicity. tyvm

This is an example of topic and responses from @mattsukun on how to get yourself banned on the forum/discord or servers. We are reasonably sure @mattsukun is not as dumb as he appears in this post

On a serious note, if you would like to play “The Forest” and want a server hosted. +1 it here.

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you spelled forest wrong. fail you rate

is it because I no donate? I fail you server. force doners


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I was just lmaoing real life. I am going to pin this as an example of how you can get banned.

Thanks for the benefit of the doubt but I am as dumb as I appear in this post. Memes have degenerated my brain cells. Just trying to raise awareness for my cause.


@mattsukun looks like you have no friends.

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looks like imaginary friends arent considered