Steam cannot connect. network issues

Steam client complains that it cannot connect to Steam and you must check your network setting.
However your internet is working fine and you can open websites, everything else is fine.

This happens because steam is doing something wrong, it is not able to find your correct network adapter. What you need to do is go to Network Settings , on widows 10 thats “Change adapter options” → Select the network adapter that is your internet connection → right click and select Properties → Under the Network tab now select TCP/IPv4 and then click Properties again.
Now you should see another window and the General tab where you select the Advanced button. Dont change anything else under General.
In the Advanced tab again at the bottom you will see Automatic Metric uncheck that. Enter the value 1 in the interface metric.

This will tell Steam that when it comes to internet connectivity this is the network adapter/connection to use.

This problem occurs when you system has multiple network adapters for e.g. both wired and wireless. It can also happen if you install VMWare/Virtualbox etc which creates additional adapters that appear to be connected.

Steam has never addressed the issue. All other software seems to be working fine.

Ask here if you still have issues. I will try to help.