Server Rig #2 AMD Ryzen coming up

Owing to the demand for KF2 server and need for the ability to support other games in future I have ordered a new Server. This time I am crossing my fingers and getting a build with Ryzen 5 1600

This server will be dedicated. Here’s the basic parts list

Asus B350m-a
AMD Ryzen 6 1600
Cooler Master K380 case
Liquid Cooling - TBD
Cooler Master G750m - PSU/power
Corsair vengeance 2400 mhz 16GB
Probably use one of my old GPU 560/660/10606gb see which one is compatible when booting.

HDD: KF2 Dedicated server has very bad Disk space management and usage. Redundant stuff everywhere and pretty much bloated. the current 50 player server uses over 25GB Disk space and this does not include maps that I host on another server. There is a way to run the second server efficiently but I have not tried it, so for the moment the space is duplicated.
As such I will be using 3TB WD green for this server as there is a lot more memory dedicated to KF2. This may impact server startup or map change by about 3-5 seconds until memory load but frees up my SSD for other better use. I have only 1 new SSD left and no budget to add more.

Let’s hope we can get more players. Glorious PCMR!

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