Server hanging on "Starting Game" more frequently in last week


I have been struggling to access the 7 Days 2 Die- N00bs server, as it hangs on “Starting Game”. It appears to think someone enters the game as the server time starts.

Any ideas?


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Hi Landie,

Facing the same problem here for the past week. Sometimes it shows that one single player is on the server. No idea why we aren’t able to access it. Will probably get fixed soon hopefully.

see this thread Haven removed. Please read to keep your base We don’t know the cause but eventually 7dtd has this problem when enough time/ players or map has loaded. For now, just message on Discord if you cant join and I will reboot server. Otherwise wait for map reset/wipe. Everyone starts anew.

The map has been reset and server no longer hangs. Closing this thread. Thanks for reporting