Server commands

This is a placeholder for learning how to play on the custom server hosted by me. This will only work on Botman enabled server. Currently that server is called PVE... Noobs the second server is yet to be botman enabled.

Botman prevents hackers and cheaters from screwing the game for everyone.
It also prevent loss of Data to a great extent from random server reboots.
Botman has land protection, similar to how traders have when they close shop.

All commands can be typed in chat by appending a / before it. Here I include the slash so you dont forget.

At the start of game you might want to head to a safe place, do that with


It is maintained by me and allows access to everyone. If you are under attack, head underground, close the hatch and do you thing in the area marked SAFE underground. Don’t stand under the hatch. You can invite zombies to kill you.

During Horde night, it is also a safe place from Hordes as long as you stay in the center (Areas marked as “stay here”) You can go into the tunnels as well, those are safe. So you can pick some mining points. I will leave food and survival items but don’t take it all, leave for others. I will know, I will ban kiasu people.

Base commands:
/home (or base)
/home2 (or base2)
Teleport back to your first or second base. A timer and/or a cost may apply.

Set a player’s first base for them where you are standing.

Set a player’s second base for them where you are standing.

/test base
Turn your own base protection against you for 30 seconds to test that it works.

Pause your base protection.
Only works on your base(s) if you are within 100 metres of them and automatically resumes if you move away or leave the server.
This allows players who you haven’t friended access to your base with you present.

/resume or unpause
Re-activate your base protection.

Navigation and trekking with Friends. (Donors only)

/open waypoint (or wp)
Share the first waypoint with your friends. The 2nd waypoint is always private.

/close waypoint (or wp)
Make the first waypoint private again. This is its default state.

/set waypoint (or wp or wp1)
Create or move your first waypoint where you are standing. It retains its current status.

/set waypoint2 (or wp2)
Create or move your second waypoint where you are standing. It retains its current status.

/clear (or /delete) wp1 (or wp2)
Destroy your first or second waypoint. If they are linked, this also unlinks them.

/waypoint or /wp1 or /
Teleport to your first waypoint.

/waypoint2 or /wp2
Teleport to your second waypoint.

List the waypoints of a player.

/link waypoints (or /link wp)
Link your waypoints to create a portal instead. In this mode you cannot teleport to them, instead you activate them by stepping into them.

/unlink waypoints (or /unlink wp)
Close your portal and convert each end back into two waypoints which you can teleport to as normal.
more commands to come.

to day I type /haven or /home but nothing,sir.

server chat recived command but do not warp .

@Ryushin the warp is working for me. Are you typing in chat? Please try and let me know. You can only /home if you set yourself a home. It works like having a bed but you can warp anytime instead of only when you die. You can set bookmarks and waypoints the same way and warp to them. You can make your bookmarks public (i think you can or it could be just admins)
Please look at my other server guide post for commands. Always type in global chat with a / in front

This a moment i can use it again thank you.

Hi does waypoint work for non donators? or is it only available to donators?


  • Gpluer

waypoints should work for everyone.

it says 'unknown command: /set waypoint type /help or /commands for commands’