Request New Map

New map and status
1.KF-BeachBaseV2 [:no_entry_sign: Removed for bad issue]
2.KF-CarillonHamlet [:no_entry_sign:Unknown issue]
3.KF-AtakaV2 [:no_entry_sign:Map working fine.Remove because player use glitch spot]
4.KF-Aphrodite [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
5.KF-Beach-Defence-AFR [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
6.KF-BeforeDawn [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
7.KF-E1M1 [:no_entry_sign:Bloat stuck at top roof every wave - Removed]
8.KF-FalloutHangarV2 [Large map,get random gun when game start on wave 1]
9.KF-HorzineForest [:no_entry_sign:Zed stuck - Remove]
10.KF-KF1-LilBigClot-Kitchen [Large map,similar with bigroom]
11.Pyramid Defense [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
12.KF-Roof11V2 [:no_entry_sign:Siren stuck - Removed]
13.Spiral Slaughter [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
14.KF-BikiniAtoll [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
15.KF-Kokiri Forest [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
16.KF-RE4 Cabin [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
17. KF-Warehouse-Beta2 [:no_entry_sign:Bad optimization - Removed]
18. KF-MoonRaker[:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
19. KF-Zombotron[:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
20.KF-Pandora Square[:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
21.KF-Dungeon Defenders - TowerSiege [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
22.Dystopia 2029[:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]
23.KF-Hangman’s Bridge [:heavy_check_mark:Tested - Working]

Map list Problem:
9.KF-HorzineForest.Player report HorzineForest map bug on wave 5.Zed not spawn and hopefully this map will be remove ASAP.

Ok Will remove Asgard and Horzine forest as both are reported problem.
You can also browse through the list of available maps here

New maps can be added from non-steam as well.


  • BikiniAtoll
  • Aphrodite
  • PyramidDefense


  • HorzineForest
  • Asguard

Atakav2 added for testing

3 map are been test:
Ataka - From feedback “MI” So far so good.Zed stuck but still can kill it
Aphrodite - Working fine.No glitch/bug appear yet
Pyramid Defense - Working fine.No glitch/bug appear yet

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  • BeforeDawn
  • Beach-Defense-AFR. Good low poly map with small size download. great for our MMO server. thanks!
  • E1M1. Large map, small download


  • Defense_Final (buggy, disconnects all users)

Not added and probably never will

  • BeachBaseV2. Unknown map with reported issues
  • CarillonHamlet. 267MB from Steam workshop and adds nothing to fun.
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E1M1 player complain bloat stuck at top roof every wave.They asking to remove E1M1 ASAP.

ok. consider ti done in next update. Thanks for reporting
Edit: I can patch the map if I can see where the problem is.

If can tweak zed spawn from top roof to ground floor,it will be fine.

There isn’t a “good” location on the floor that I can see to spawn Zeds. I found one place where the direction of zed movement was not correct. Also If I block the zeds from roaming away on the roof it should resolve the situation.


  • E1M1 for having spawn issues


  • Spiral Slaughter

Just finished play Spiral Slaughter,map work perfect!

Can you add ‘Kokiri Forest’, ‘Defend Thyself’ and ‘RE4 Cabin’. Thanks!

No problem. I’ll look them up and add them.


  • Kokiri Forest
  • RE4 Cabin


  • MountainArena - possible map loading problem, disconnects all users
  • Sahara - This map is large and not interesting. It is often voted in by trolls to get everyone to leave. The map is gone for good

Kokiri Forest - perfectly work
RE4 Cabin - perfectly work

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Added 1 new list map KF-MoonRaker

Done edit list for working/not working map

Request for new map:
KF1 Foundry
KF-Pandora Square
KF-Dungeon Defenders - TowerSiege
KF-Hangman’s Bridge
Dystopia 2029

Please remove map KF-Warehouse-Beta2 because this map not fully optimized.GTX1060 cant reach higher than 40fps,and potato graphic (mine) max fps below 25fps