Noob FAQs. Read Me first

Frequently Asked Questions that no one wants to answer because it has been answered elsewhere, like here.

The list is updated periodically.

  • Q. How can I get free money or a.k.a how do I mine Bitcoins
    A. You can’t. It is not possible to mine bitcoins with consumer grade hardware anymore. While you can try and it will work, you will have abysmal results and spend money is all.

  • Q. How can I buy bitcoins
    A. Several ways. Two easy ones.
    You can use alt-coins and trade them for bitcoins in any of my list of tested exchanges.
    You can sign up with and use real money to buy them.

  • Q. Is bitcoin secure?
    A. Yes. The lack of security comes from people not knowing what they are doing. Listen, watch and learn from guides on how to create and secure your wallet.

  • Q. (TBD)