New Server 100 Player suggestions

It has been suggested by @Archer and @Maneki that the new server have specific settings to make the gameplay more fun. I am up for it so please write out your custom settings here.

Confirmed settings

  • 100 Players
  • Randomgen map
  • Difficulty 4 ???

Hello. I’d just like to know a few things if you don’t mind. Is PCguru some sort of community or ‘that’ retail store/chain?

I can see Vangel here is a user. Do you provide hosting services here in Singapore?

I’m currently playing on a dedicated server where

A) the owner is currently using paid hosting and doesn’t mind but would rather not
B) The server is getting frequent disconnects not due to Unet but some sort of routing issue. Would rather find an alternative means of hosting, but has trouble using paypal. Fella’s from India, so they’ve got some sort of troublesome restrictions.

So my motives are merely, to explore hosting alternatives, or migrating a pool players.
Our server’s been the highest populated one in the region for the past 6 months or so, with players coming and going, so we’re definitely doing something right.

@saltydingleberries Hey welcome to the community.
This is a very new community specifically for the games and servers I host. It is open to other server admins to join.
So to answer a few questions:

  • I own the servers and this community and I manage it myself.
  • I am willing to help anyone out with server/hosting issues
  • Provide for free what I can if the server is owned and managed by me


  • Sell any hosting currently
  • Offer any paid services currently.

I can host your server and migrate data over. The IP+port will change is all. You will have to inform your players to use this site for updates and announcements so it’s easy. You can pretty much have a topic for your own dedicated server. I only host in Singapore with no uptime guarantees but have servers running 24/7 for months with only a day or so of downtime.

You can’t have direct access or admin to the server but I can arrange for you to moderate remotely using

It costs you nothing.

That’s all I can do to help.

Where do you host now and with who?

That sounds amazing.

Well most of the situation I’ve laid out.

I’m currently the sole surviving moderator of the ‘steamed rice’ server, I’m from SG. Or something with ‘rice’ in it, should be easy to spot in the vanilla list.

The server pop is a mix of Singaporeans/Malaysians/Filipinos/Indonesians and a few Thais.

Seeing that you use CBSM and ‘costs me nothing’ already makes me moist. Again this is great news, and I’ll broach the subject with the owner. He just renewed around March 2nd so we’re halfway into the monthly cycle.

We do not have server managers atm because no one seems to have a pc on 24/7 to run a manager in our community. So most hack detection and dupes have been weeded out manually. I live out my voyeuristic fantasies in CM mode when I’ve nothing to do and have caught many(hackers) with glee.

Pay us a visit at
while I get things rolling with the owner. Current ign over there is Dirty Sanchez.

i have added server to favorites but it appears to be down atm.

Odd, it’s been up the entire time. “No Rice, Only Curry! PvE” is the server name.

Well I think you have a bigger problem then. I don’t see your server as online. I am guessing your routing issues are pretty bad. You would have a lot more players if it were visible on steam.

I’ve seen a couple of people in your friend list pop by though. Ameris off the top of my head.