Network upgrade

Due to high number of users and servers running on the network my existing router is not able to keep up. Plus it also has to deal with attack traffic so things occasionally slow down for everyone. The issue is mainly from the router not being able to pump as many packets per second as I need in total and it’s not just because of 7dtd but the totality of things. There also seems to be a limit on the number of connections the router can handle with all the server that I run.

I have already purchased a new and better Router for the network. It will take me quite a few hours to configure, test and deploy. Once I am ready I will update this post as to the scheduled maintenance time when I will actually flip traffic through this router. Now it may happen that I get a separate fiber line for the servers. It all depends on how things work out.

Dude do whatever you have to. You’re already being generous here, if a maintenance has to be done, it has to be. If a reset would improve performance, I’ll take that in stride. Many thanks for all the effort.