N00bs server Map reset?

Should we reset the n00b server?

  • Yes
  • No

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Since the last server update I mentioned that Developers want us to reset the server map. Some of you have reported issues. I am willing to reset the server (back to 0) its like brand new, even map is regenerated.

This is not a big deal to be honest.

There are 78 players on the server, of which I would say only 25 are active. If I get 10 votes here for “Yes” within the week, I will reset the server.

As suggested by rizkifms in-game player, i will doa special giveaway for only forum players so they can have a few items to start with. Or even Zennies, since you can spend that on the shop as you see fit.

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I think Noob is a rookie server. My friend You will be able to play, we build farm home any tools minibike and get ready to get out.for explorer the map.(no need to reset,sir)

Little lag problem , I get and play almost every day, at Ping 100, I think it is a playground to play it okay.

But finally It depends on the voted 'n admin. I’m Ryushin.^___^

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Only Donor status vote counts. If they agree the server will be reset.

do we have more then 10 donors on 7dtd

no we don’t, we have maybe 3 or so.

then how to trigger the vote to reset lol…

actually im quite keen on every version 1x reset.

perhaps 1x haven safe place with goodies for a new start

Major updates like a15 to a16 required servers to be reset. I expect the same on a17.

It appears we have played too long on this map and alas we must reset before a17 releases. I will contact the donors and let them vote but feel free to vote so they can be aware of the general thoughts of everyone else.