My Patreon page is up - donations welcome

What do you guys think? May be people will help pay for the existing servers so I can upgrade and launch new games as well? Not that I mind having already spent thousands of dollars :smiley:

If you can get more people in the forum and that can help me too.

Note: For those who cannot Donate because of Paypal or what not you can do any or all of this for everyone’s benefit.

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How do i donate.
From my contry.i don’t have credit card.which way ?

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Interesting. I don’t know either. I assume you can still create Paypal account and put money in the paypal account from a bank. That’s what I used to do when I was a student. Also once I had a debit card, it worked with paypal as well. In any case, if you can’t you just can’t eh.Thanks for trying :smiley:

Paypal, but youll still need to be able to electronically transfer money into your paypal account or you could always approach your bank tellers for help. :smiley:

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