MMO 100 Player server is live

@WHO thank you!

I am currently updating the MMo server for testing since it has fewer players. I want to move it into its own VM. At the same time I will add the maps few at a time.

@Vangel Did you run off to Computex in Taiwan or something?

@saltydingleberries nopes why? 7d is up and running right …RIGHT! :sweat:

Yeah you got the server back up on Sunday?

yep. someone was playing since then. Didn’t check who. must be heroruin

Just waiting for Monday… Experimental

Sorry for the delay in adding maps. The move to VM has been troublesome to say the least. I will retry over the weekend

these were added. @RainX If i can please trouble you to to be TS manager of this thread as well so you can help us keep track of the maps loaded and removed. Thanks.

gave in and just bought KF2. The wait for 7d to update is killing me lol.

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can apply all list map in 52 player server for tested?it work fine with less 6 player,but if more than 10player some map start to buggy

@RainX, sure Ill do that in the morning. Any in Steam workshop will be added to both servers.

Btw can add new map top on vote list.And new update just release

I need help with testing. The thing is MMO cannot be updated without the mods being patched. This is always going to be problem because KF2 is always in development and mods break frequently.
I would like to test with the current version 1052 and no upgrade to 1053 till we can confirm the MMO mods will work.

The mod seems to be working properly. The custom maps no longer show up though

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@WHO it should now though. But I will check again. The problem with damn kf2 updates is that they randomly overwrite the config. i have a way to compare every update so i can restore the changes. I might have missed it in this case.

There is one possibility that the Map voting mod just doesn’t work anymore after the update so its stuck with vanilla maps. Thanks for letting me know.

Hmm strange… The server crashed on round 2/10 for the second time now. Both times I was about to be attacked by the Summer Sideshow versionn of Husks

Yes I saw that. Looks like there isn’t a way around it for the moment. It’s gonna crash if there is something too different. I am surprised how unstable the mod is. slight variations seem to break it. At least its temporary until this “event” passes. Unless this Husk stuff is permanent.

Relevant error message if someone wants to research

Failed to find function AddHealerToObjective in ExtHumanPawn KF-BlackForest.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.ExtHumanPawn_0```

how do I play here? Is this server still up? Is there an address I can use to connect directly?


Nopes, offline. The latest update with new zeds breaks the mods. Once the event is over we may be able to start it up again. Or if there is a fix released.

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