MMO 100 Player server is live

Yep! it’s on. A 100 player server and has…

[inexhaustive list.]
2 PATS :smiling_imp::imp:
1800 MAX HP for Zeds :dizzy_face:
Perks and Stats! Custom :see_no_evil:

I am sure the difficulty can be increased and there is no limit to number of Zeds afaik.

well im the 1st test,can make double exp for few day?thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my, this sounds hardcore lol.

@RainX Well the server is on easy now. I will increase difficulty 2x soon. So in a way you have doubleXP now. :stuck_out_tongue:

there were plenty of bug right now,for example I invite my friend to join,but error fail (they say no server found).sometime player cant join in game

New bug,boss hp bar sometime appear and sometime not
p/s:custom server mod boss = overkill

That is a KF2 specific issue. This happens a lot. Usually if you have KF2 running it will work fine but it isn’t that accurate.

The bar is bugged yeah. The server mod is in development so i’d expect some UI glitches. As long as everyone can play a complete game that’s acceptable to me.
I am not sure what you mean by boss being overkill. Is it too difficult? because thats the point. On a regular server Boss is too easy with so many players. If you’re playing with too few players then it would be difficult.

Perhaps we can see to lower the difficulty of the entire game to say Normal or Hard instead of HOE so we get a few players to rank higher and make gameplay easier.

dont worried,only patriach overpower,stick on hoe,it gonna fun later.but the problem is lvling system,it take me 10hour to get lvl 50

p/s:after do some tweak skill perk,killing patriach getting easy

Can tweak super grenade?super nade second explod is random,if your are unlucky,super nade gonna kill whom throw it.1 more voting system sometime buggy

Yes I have noticed that too. There are 2 ways to setup a map. The shortcut way is what I use as things are not certain yet in either of the servers. The official maps are done in the complete way and they don’t seem to trigger the weird glitch. I am guessing it’s just that reason. I will give it a try at some point when I add a few more reliable custom maps.

can put more custom map and remove official map in mmo 100 player?i give some small map list soon

I think this server need more zed. 2x or 3x would be good,everyone stat damage is 100% and we can beat game less 30min

True. It’s hard to balance this server because the mdos that allow adding more zeds dont work with recent versions of KF2 server. If anyone here wants to fix it, I can upload the mod here.

let me see what i can do bout tweak

Can add more map for 100 server,most of player getting bored alrdy

there are lik 4 of us who play :confused:Suggest maps and I will add them. Stick to steam workshop for now though.

MMO server may be offline for a couple of hours over the next day. It will be back up so don’t worry.

Dungeon Defenders - TowerSiege
Mario 64 Remastered
Maw of Madness
KF City Blockade
Tainted Grove
i think that all map we need,not fully tested yet.and i think 1way v7 should been remove alrdy,demo spam with explosive,and some player cant get xp

@RainXyep the list looks good. I will start adding over the next day or so.
btw removed 1way_v5

Here’s a list of top subscribed maps I found on Steam workshop:
New Cube Remake
No Mercy
Hell Spawn
Spiral Slaughter
Big Green