Making new server hardware to support new games

I am working on consolidating hardware so we can have more games and I can lower cost of operating the servers. Currently every game server is on a different hardware and different operating systems. If all game servers simply used Linux this would be easier but some like KF2 and 7DTD either don’t or if they do its broken. Some like 7DTD use massive amounts of Memory like 7-8GB which I do not have on every machine and expanding it is not an option because the processor itself is not great and not worth investing in.

I have been using VMWare for the most part where I can but the issue is that I have too many machines and I need to manage them remotely. This is where Unraid comes to the rescue. I can have a single super server hardware that runs multiple game servers and I can access them from one place

I need to sell off my physical machines and then build a single one with everything. I will find out the cost and keep everyone updated as I progress.