KF2 Vangel 50 Player Server

Post your problems, suggestions etc for this server

Reports off hackers logging in as admin has been addressed and the said person reported to Steam.
Please note there is only one admin


That being said, thanks to those who reported the hack, RainX and others.

Vangel, MI here i want to request about the kicking player can change it back because of the afk make us troublesome thanks :3

If I allow Kicking it is massively abused. I will look into it again. Perhaps increase the vote count.
Edit: I can try to enable AFK autokick but its untested. Next server reboot it will be enabled

Thanks :slight_smile: we try up for you

Hey Vangel
This is my user id DarkSpawnz, am I in your blacklist? How come i get kicked twice in a row even though I didn’t idle

Not sure mate. But the auto idle kick is a bit twitchy. I’ll fix that next reboot.
Try to move about a bit

Alright Thanks! I’ll take note

AFK Autokick set to 5 mins
Voice is disabled but KF2 dedicated server is broken so there i sno way to actually disable voice.

> Will there be a Vangel Voice Channel for Discord anytime soon?:grin:

Yes. pretty soon :wink:

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Troller spotted on RE4 Cabin map for door welding

Steam ID

Its hard to ban people for welding. Most of them are just noobs. If this person returns and repeats please let me know like you did just now, I appreciate it. If anyone else sees this guy continue to troll I’ll definitely ban.

server offline for few hours for maintenance. As you must be aware there are critical security updates regarding WannaCry ransomware. While the server is unaffected, it does need a routine scan and updates.

Thank you for understanding.

WannaCry is cancer.plus if make server using linux,will it get infected?

Unfortunately KF2 does not on Linux and probably wont for another 3 years as TWI is just not interested. I wish it was on linux because it makes things easier for me.

The server is back up now

Is the server down? I cant find it on the browser, thanks…

yes I just pulled it offline. there weren’t any players. Was gonna add maps.

Cool, me and 2 of my friends wanted to play just now, gave us a scare when we couldnt find your server lol. The alternative was the horrible Thai based friendly fire server, that was a truly terrible experience.

Server updated to Version 1053. Sorry for the delay. If you tried to connect today you may have had problems. THings should work now.

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