Hey you! Yeah, you. We want YOU to join the TERRENE PROTECTORATE!

Do you wanna be a badass knight or soldier to kill alien scum and protect the (mostly)innocent?

How about a space ninja and assassinate or hunt down criminals in space(bounty system in patch 1.4)?

A galactic wizard who casts all kinds of spells?

Or maybe you just wanna explore the vast universe…


Well, just download STARBOUND!

Download these mods to be able to play in our server : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1305742208

And enter this address when joining: passthrux.pcguru.sg

I highly suggest using a NEW CHAR for maximum I M M E R S I O N

Starbound also includes:

  • Customizable personal ships to wander the galaxy!
  • Hire NPC crew members to expand ship size and explore planets with! (or you can just ignore this and expand your ship illegally. PIRATE SCUM.)
  • Food system to cook rare ingredients into dishes you can eat! (stave off hunger AND buff yourself!)
  • Capture pets a la Pokémon to fight monsters and explore with! (or just keep them leashed somewhere like a zoo, you monster.)
  • Randomly generated quests, planets, and weapons!
  • Heavy player customization! Multiple races, armors, and clothing!
  • Build your own base in some godforsaken planet and C O L O N I Z E it! Tenants pay rent, give quests, and may even volunteer to join your crew!
  • There’s probably more stuff to do but my brain is shutting down so if those things listed above aren’t enough to entice you to play STARBOUND, then nothing will convince you so you can move along and leave with your boring taste in games.

So what are you waiting for?

Poster is made by https://pitool.deviantart.com


Waiting me lol.
This game have faction ?