Haven removed. Please read to keep your base

Haven and surrounding area is severely bugged. Haven is now base protected. No one can go there except the select few so we can investigate.

I suggest anyone with a base nearby relocate quickly as I may need to fill it in with dirt.

Bases with deep underground are prone to being bugged so make a regular base and protect it well. Keep bases far apart and if you want friend to share a base, add them to friend list.

Some of you have been granted access to to Haven. Please help to demolish the central structure. I will then place a prefab and make it a reset area. Please help to mark any structures and bases created around Haven. If you cannot demolish the structures let me know. I will also be filling up any dug areas in and around haven.

As posted here, I will also be removing bases in and around haven.
Thank you very much for helping me out and keeping the server stable

Bases built over water/river block will also be removed. Don’t build there. It bugs the server.
@opersg I believe you have a nice bridge going. I will remove claims to destroy the bridge if I have to , to keep the server running. So please remove it.

@Vangel im sorry for causing the bugs T_T

(1) anyway then will the tunnel inside water be ok instead?

i have dug 1 at /road from the safehouse below it

(2) i have a base on water as well…need to find where the coords…there’s a water base near the trader near haven as well

the server stuck issue is still happening. And now the forums is getting full of people starting dupe threads in order to get attention. Let shave a vote on Patreon for donors and reset the server. I dont see any options.

Wow. Entitled much? If you think I have insulted you personally in anyway, you should leave and find another community. The support is really bad around here.

i am not sure but i’d stay away from water. Anyway, server is going to be wiped soon. I think sometime this week

I have started work on building the new server. It’s been awhile so I dont recall all the steps. Most of the testing and work is on the bot side of things. The current server will keep running till the new one is up so watch this topic closely for updates. Once the new server is up, the current one will be removed from public internet but data retained for awhile.

To make this easier and faster I have reset just the map. players skills and inventory remains but the whole map is now loaded from scratch. lets try it out and please report back.
If this does not work i will reset the entire game and generate a new map. Thanks for your help

Hi Vangel,

I now get an error saying that I am not on the white list for the server…any chance to allow me?

PM me your steam ID. i will remove you from blacklist. Something might have caused it. Check your inventory.

i got white listed…

If you are not able to join, its because your Country/IP was blocked. If you post here in the thread, @mattsukun or myself should be able to unblock you. Thanks.

Ah, the server had to get wiped huh. Well I guess its unavoidable. Lost all the stuff I collected though so I’ll have to gather new items from scratch.

yup, you and everyoen else unfortunately :frowning: