Hard server news

@Archer was making a bunker. Got raided by zombies at night. As luck would have it, I died and my bedroll was destroyed during a cave in. Thusly, I spawned 2.3 KM away so there is no way I can make the journey back to the bunker in a day without enough resources in my belt.Everything was in the backpack.

Stuck on a mountain side, I decided to put all the unused Wood frames to work and built a treehouse as it’s still dark. I have a weird tree house now. Got attacked once by a lone zombie but managed to survive. I have no food and what water I have left is only going to last a day. I will go out to gather in the morning.

Somewhere near bunker, these guys spawned and died a few times but managed to survive and stay in the location. Not sure what happened after since I logged off having done what I can to secure a place.

On request the difficulty has been moved to 3 instead of 5.

Server is offline for repair and maintenance. As you know, I don’t rent but build and host the servers myself. I don’t have time the next few days but I will try to fix it asap and have 7daystodie back online.

Edit: the reason I am not rushing this is because I have not seen many players on this servers.

Server will be offline tomorrow 13th February 2018 - 9 A.m. to 1 P.M. SGT Need to update a bunch of stuff and power cycle everything.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

No need to apologize over this. This is work you’re doing for free.

All servers will be offline tomorrow on 5th March between 9am, to 6pm. Please let our friends know on Discord as well. Following servers will be down

  • 7 Days to die
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Starbound
  • 7DTD Bot
  • DNS

I will be travelling between 7th of April to 21st April. While I will keep the server running there is no guarantee if and when he goes down I can bring it back online. The same applies to both Starbound and 7D servers.

Server will be offline today - All day- back later night. This is for regular maintenance. Everything is alright.

Server is shutdown for the moment. We have almost zero players. Alpha 17 is nowhere in sight.
The current server population has been running for almost an year and has accumulated much detritus. Given that this game is unstable and an Alpha product it has lasted well beyond its warranty of 0 but now its sluggish.

I can look into fresh server setup even with just Alpha 16 if I get more votes to bring it back. Otherwise it will remain offline.

Understood. However Vangel, A17 has finally been released for preview. Its still experimental, but once it goes stable we’re certain to get players then. Would we reopen then? I imagine they’ll have it stable by January or February of 2019.

I would definitely reopen when A17 is out but its contingent upon whether the Bot author and respective mods are updated to support A17. The mods can potentially require another month. Given your and my estimates that would be sometime in February then.

Meanwhile we can vote on other servers as well and discuss which ones are feasible.