Cryptocurrency mining rig

This is a decent yet affordable mining rig that I am currently putting together.

  1. Motherboard from Biostar TB250-BTC with G4560 processor. Come with 6 Graphics cards supported via 6 PCIe lanes.
  2. ddr4 4gb 2133 memory
  3. Riser (to fit more GPU due to space constraints, all cards are 16x PCIE and slots are 1x)
  4. Seasonic 1250w
  5. 4U Rack
  6. Zotac P106-100 mining cards x 2
    All in all this is about 600-800$ (excluding cards)

I have few graphics cards that I can use till I wait for AMD Vega release
GTX 1060
GTX 660

ofcourse GTX 1060 provides the most bang for the buck
I will be using Nicehash to mine alternative currencies.

You can do some quick calculations on whats affordable and what your returns might be over at

You can get a 1060 6GB at about 200$ (correction: 250US$) and I think it’s the best card out there right now. It may be out of stock


Have you try mining Zcash,my friend use GTX1070 and RX470/570 for mining,what he say Nvidia do better mining Zcash and AMD on Ethereum

thanks for the tip. I will definitely try it out.

Mining rig is up. Unfortunately no Risers so i could only install 1 GPU for the moment. When it is complete I will post back here

Managed to get the riser card additional 2 x NVidia P106 mining cards (they are same as 1060 6Gb but no display ports)

Items should arrive today so I should be able to have it up and running soon along with the promised video post.

as promised I updated the topic with the first part of the video. Sorry about quality will do better in the next video.

Earnings with 2 x Zotac P106 mining card. Hovers around US$5 i.e. 2.50$ per day.
It seems to me I’d be better off with a used rx470 card that has better returns.