Blackwake server

Blackwake servers don’t exist in this part of the world. All servers are in Europe, UK or US
I got blackwake recently because I know it is fun but I only buy on Discount and it’s super cheap for the next week.
A typical blackwake server has 56 players. And it is massive fun.

Let’s go be pirates.

Look in Blackwake soon for PCGuru.sg server

Blackwake server does work fine. There i sone issue however. The blackwake server requires a daily restart but the restart script provided doesn’t exactly work. Blackwake also only works with Windows and I don’t know much about Windows scripting. However a bit of Googling should solve it.

So it appears I have solved the auto restart problem. i think
Blackwake has limited server documentation and only in forums. So far as I can tell we should be able to connect over the public internet but I need testers.

Volunteers? Pirates?