Awesome Chrismas and new year games giveaway

So it’s time for more games giveaways!

Who can participate:
As per usual everyone who is an active member is welcome to join and win a giveaway simply by asking nicely.
The preference is for active members of course whether he or on DIscord.
You must have been a member prior to this posting. December 14th.

Details of giveaways:
One new game will be posted every day from 17th to 23rd December for a total of Seven games. There is only one copy. You can only ask for one game for this giveaway.

All games are older games. Don’t expect new games.
You must have a Steam account to receive the game. I assume everyone here does.


Pretty kind of you! :star_struck:

Sorry for the delay! I was stuck with the Network upgrade which was just bad timing on my part.


Game #1 is Borderlands 2 ROW

This is a very Steam specific version but it is the full game + some DLC.

p.s. don’t worry the rest of the games will still happen and it will be 7 games in total

Game is still available.

i would love to have the game admin if im eligible from this giveaway of yours please?

Game 2 is Killing Floor!!!

You have been playing Killing Floor 2 but the first Killing Floor makes KF2 look like the worst sequel ever. Killing Floor is still very active after almost 10 years. Lot sof modded servers. Its pretty awesome to say the least.

If you have not played it this could be your chance to get it for FREE!

P.S. This is reserved for active members only, specially if they have KF2 but not KF1

I’m actually still following this thread every day, but Killing Floor just isn’t a game I’d play so I’m waiting for someone who would appreciate and play it, to get it.

it hurts me to see people don’t want free stuff
or they have it already and im a peasant not passing on free stuff??

For me, I want people who’d make better use of something - or want it more - to have it.

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Game 3 : The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (gone)

Won by @mattsukun

Skyrim forever! This Skyrim includes HD Texture and 64 bit version if you own this. Does not include paid DLC.

Considering that I paid 150SG$++ (including some DLC) when it was launched. This is still a steal :stuck_out_tongue: if you have to buy the DLC at SG$45.50 as of this writing. It’s not gonna be as much fun without the DLC though since a lot of mods depend on having all DLC. The mods kapt the game rolling for 6 years now.

Edit: @Armesis hates this game, lol

Haha, a game I already have! Damn.

keeps getting good each day passes

A another game i do not have. :frowning: Sorry just going with the flow~
Good thing it’s being given away here! :smiley:

Game #4 is The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition -
(Claimed by @capetsino)
not much info needed. If you’ve never played it or only had a pirated copy, this is your chance to own the full version and play it.

Game #5 Metro 2033

This is a classic. I can’t believe how underrated the Metro games were. I did have Metro Last Light but I got it on Xbox so I could play it in big screen and enjoy it more. Fun playthrough every time and great for spending time on during holidays. You know , when you have no friends, kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Game #6 is Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package

Yes ALL DLC, afaik, its what it says on the box.

Game #7 is Max Payne 3: Complete edition

Again every DLC they released is included.

There are all the best games I have to giveaway. Can’t say what the next giveaway will be like.

Okay, now this is something I like. Its a game in a setting I like too. I’ll ask for the Witcher 2!

It’s yours. PM me here in the forum with your steam email so I can transfer to you.

I’ll have to check it out later. Since im not 100% sure what my steam e-mail is exactly. Either way, if I don’t get back to it by some time, you can give it to someone else without a problem.

Though on that note, I didn’t know you needed to send things via the person’s steam e-mail on steam. (Unless its a humble bundle thing, I admit I’m not familiar with that.) Since almost all the gifts I’ve ever had before were sent as a game key or were just delivered via steam itself.

P.S. To be honest, you running the server is gift enough. I might try to contribute to a pot luck of gifts myself when you run this next.

Many thanks though!

I am not operating a big company to get Steam Keys like humble bundle does. From my inventory I can send via email. Other way is to add friend and transfer.
To be honest, I am not sure what the big deal is about email is though. Its entirely up to you folks. If I wanted to collect emails for some nefarious purpose this would be the absolute worst way lol. Just PM me whatever.

Giveaway is now open to all who joined before 1st January 2018.
Happy New year!