AMD threadripper 2 Ready for orders


From what I can tell the TR2 (Threadripper 2) is about a 100$ cheaper than TR1 for the same number of Cores.
While the TR2 beats Intel in both Price and Performance by a large margin in every tier, the best price point for gamers should be around TR 2920X and TR 2950X that should beat i9 series easily in Desktop gaming. I would thing anything above this for pure server builds where GPU is not used at all and we are constrained by server specs. Then again a lot of games we play don’t really benefit from multiple cores thought that might improve down the road as well.

What are you thoughts?

This is my new AMD build

  • Case - Corsair Obsidian 1000D Super tower
  • CPU - AMD Threadripper 2990WX
  • Cooler - Enermax Liqtech II TR4 360
  • Motherboard - Asus Zenith Extreme X399 w/ Aerion 10Gbe network card (included)
  • Power - Corsair AX1600i. 1500i or 1200i would work fine if you only use 1 GPU
  • Memory - 128GB I cant find one that is decent for this CPU and also need to check compatibility with motherboard.
  • OS Disk - Samsung EVO NVMe 500GB
  • Graphics Card - Nvidia 1 x 1080GTX, 1 x 1060 GTX 6GB, 2 x 1060GTX (may not fit all, we’ll see)

Warning: Do not buy Enermax AIOs . They have reported issues. I forgot to update here.