7 Days to die Photo Album

I cant find any thread on screenshots. so I’ma start one.

Bloodmoon night together with the gang.

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Very awesome! yeah we should definitely have 7d screenshots thread. Memes anyone?

Oh since we’re on it I’ll share this one. Another one for my new base/manor is coming up very soon!


sad. this did not become a mega topic by now!

well, the “Gang” suddenly disappeared…

Our base before reset T_T

Before reset T_T
Our Team : Kend,Grimmer,Virtux & Kvirus

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The first our home and our first character.

Long time ago, I still did not know that the Higashi resources should not be occupied.
because that first time i played

We see a good location. It is our home. Long time ago, I did not know any commands.in that time

No fertilizer,No seed but we find a way…and our first friend helped lend it The cement mixer he/She is probably named FangChoupi.

GPluer is next a friend. When we first play

We will stop playing for a long time. And come back to play again and again.when we have time


this my first mini bike


… We are ASURA…!!


Update after returning to try new rounds.

And after starting a new map.

We built a new home about 80%

New location

New adventure

New fun again

But … the heart of my original team loved 7DTD.
begin again When we have time

Today, there is a bad news NPC trader JOE, near HAVEN lost.

nevermind , I’ll find a way. ^^