7 Days 2 Die supported again

not seeing a ton of players yet. but as you said, gotta wait for alpha 16.

Yeah, I’ve been camping the forums. This Monday seems to be the likely date.

I was pretty pissed with some of the regulars anyway. They bugged me to get a server up then got bored after a few days. Also the same bunch bugging me for mod privies facepalm

Release date just updated to 10-12th June. Will spam your steam and inbox when it happens :wink:

@Vangel Server died again btw!


some beta update on botman

Server still on Alpha 15. Will check on this over the weekend. I have some other stuff going on for the next 2 days.

Server is offline for couple of hours. Just FYI.

For Alpha 16 I will be creating the new server as discussed in the forums since it requires map regeneration.

Just a heads up, update will be out within today or tomorrow!

Agree with you. I’ll do a repo update as soon as alpha 16 is released. Its
unfortunate that the preview is super buggy but once its out it will be a
whole lot of fun.

It seems that Alpha 16 is quite delayed. I have been following the patch notes so it would seem a bunch of stuff was still being fixed and most fixes would require map generation. Looks like we just have to wait.

Yeap. Expecting to see vids of him eating his beard.

@Vangel btw A16 stable is out. Message me on steam when you’re getting down to it?

Lets set it up this Saturday. Ill get the stuff ready before hand and spin up a vanilla server

here you go

I have committed the latest config.xml in a new branch. I need your help to make it same as our current one. I already have admins.xml so we’ll reuse that. the config may have new stuff. Make sure to retain our own current settings.

thank you for the help. You can update your fork and edit this new branch in your fork. Then send Pull request to the alpha-16 branch in my repo linked above. I will do the rest.

@Vangel On that note, since you have access to the console on server side, running console(`) on client end has a limited number of lines.

Could u run the server with alloc then type help and paste the full list of commands? Otherwise, I’d only know which commands I’m missing only when I need to use it lol.

Will get down to this after a short KF2 game and lunch.

@Vangel is ‘mod’ a new admin command? Don’t see it on the 7d gamepedia page nor alloc’s list

I’ll wait for the full list. Cos just connected to another server, didn’t see the command in there, but it’s in the xml.

Whats already in there shoud be alright. so it’s safe to leave those in there. As the name suggests it is for mods.
Edit: I will try to get the list of console commands from server side. Will post back here

@saltydingleberries here you go. My security rule-of-thumb is, take only what you need now, not what you might need in future. The usual, use the git PR for admins.xml You can submit the edits together.

     additemloot  => add item to SecureLoot below the given entity
     admin => Manage user permission levels
     aiddebug => Toggles AIDirector debug output.
     audio => Watch audio stats
     ban => Manage ban entries
     buff => Applies a buff to the local player
     buffplayer => Apply a buff to a player
     chatplayercolor cpc => Change default player chat color.
     chunkcache cc => shows all loaded chunks in cache
     commandpermission cp => Manage command permission levels
     creativemenu cm => enables/disables the creativemenu
     DeathScreen => Display DeathScreen
     debuff => Removes a buff from the local player
     debuffplayer => Remove a buff from a player
     debugmenu dm => enables/disables the debugmenu 
     debugweather => Dumps internal weather state to the console.
     enablerendering => enable/disable live map rendering
     enablescope es => toggle debug scope
     exhausted => Makes the player exhausted.
     exportitemicons => Exports all ItemIcons
     getgamepref gg => Gets game preferences
     getgamestat ggs => Gets game stats
     gettime gt => Get the current game time
     give  => give an item to a player (entity id or name)
     giveat  => give an item to a location
     giveplus  => give an item to a player (entity id or name)
     givequest => usage: givequest questname
     giveself => usage: give itemName qualityLevel (default quality is 600)
     giveselfskillxp => usage: giveselfskillxp Mining Tools 10000
     giveselfxp => usage: giveselfxp 10000
     givexp => give XP to a player
     givexpskill => give XP to the skill of a player
     help => Help on console and specific commands
     kick => Kicks user with optional reason. "kick playername reason"
     kickall => Kicks all users with optional reason. "kickall reason"
     kill => Kill a given entity
     killall => Kill all players
     lgo listgameobjects => List all active game objects
     lights => Debug views to optimize lights
     listents le => lists all entities
     listitems li => lists all items that contain the given substring
     listknownplayers lkp => lists all players that were ever online
     listlandprotection llp => lists all land protection blocks and owners
     listlandprotection2 llp2 => lists all land protection blocks and owners
     listplayerbed lpb => list bed locations of all players or a specific player
     listplayerbuff lpbuff => List players active buffs
     listplayerfriends lpf => list friends of a single player or all players
     listplayerids lpi => Lists all players with their IDs for ingame commands
     listplayers lp => lists all players
     listplayerskill lps => list players Skills
     listthreads lt => lists all threads
     loggamestate lgs => Log the current state of the game
     loglevel => Telnet/Web only: Select which types of log messages are shown
     mem => Prints memory information and calls garbage collector
     memcl => Prints memory information on client and calls garbage collector
     muteplayerchat mpc => mute a player on public chat
     owner => define an owner to SecureLoot/SecureDoor for a player.
     pblock => File a defined location with a specific block
     pcheck => Checks the kind of a block
     pdup => Copy an Area to another location
     pexport => Exports as Prefab some space
     physics py => Enable / Disable Physics on blocks that you are placing/removing
     playerchatmaxlength pcml => set the maximum number of characters a player can write in a single message
     playergrounddistance pgd => Check player ground distance
     playerunderground pug => Check if a player is underground with no clip or bugged
     pplist => Lists all PersistentPlayer data
     prender => Renders a Prefab on given location
     prepblock => Replace blocks from a defined location
     pundo => Undo last prefab command
     reloadwebpermissions => force reload of web permissions file
     remitem  => remove items from SecureLoot below the given entity
     removeentity  => remove entity from game
     removelandprotection rlp => removes the association of a land protection block to the owner
     removequest => usage: removequest questname
     rendermap => render the current map to a file
     repairchunkdensity rcd => check and optionally fix densities of a chunk
     reply re => send a message to  the player who last sent you a PM
     safe => Set protection to a location in same way as trader. WARNING DEL IS NOT WORKING. IS U PUT SOME PLACE AS SAFE IT CANT BE DONE
     saveworld sa => Saves the world manually.
     say => Sends a message to all connected clients
     sayplayer pm => send a message to a single player
     sayplayer2 pm2 => send a message to a single player with a specific sender name
     setgamepref sg => sets a game pref
     setgamestat sgs => sets a game stat
     setplayerstatus sps => Set a value on players attributes (zombiekill, playerkill)
     setpundosize => Set the size of history on pundo
     settempunit stu => Set the current temperature units.
     settime st => Set the current game time
     showalbedo albedo => enables/disables display of albedo in gBuffer
     showchunkdata sc => shows some date of the current chunk
     showClouds => Artist command to show one layer of clouds.
     showinventory si => list inventory of a given player
     showinventory2 si2 => list inventory of a given player
     shownexthordetime => Displays the wandering horde time
     shownormals norms => enables/disables display of normal maps in gBuffer
     showspecular spec => enables/disables display of specular values in gBuffer
     shutdown => shuts down the game
     sounddebug => Toggles SoundManager debug output.
     spawnairdrop => Spawns an air drop
     spawnentity se => spawns an entity
     spawnhorde sh => spawn horde near a player or coordinate
     spawnmultipleentity sme => spawn multiple entities around some coordinate or player
     spawnscouts => Spawns zombie scouts
     SpawnScreen => Display SpawnScreen
     spawnsupplycrate => Spawns a supply crate where the player is
     spawnwanderinghorde => Spawns a wandering horde of zombies
     spectrum => Force a particular lighting spectrum.
     ss => spawn scouts near a player or coordinate
     starve => Makes the player starve.
     staticmap => Switches Navazgane map between static and dynamic
     switchview sv => Switch between fpv and tpv
     SystemInfo => List SystemInfo
     telee  => Teleport an entity
     teleport tp => Teleport the local player
     teleportplayer tele => Teleport a given player
     teleportplayerhome teleh => teleport a player to his home (on bedroll)
     thirsty => Makes the player thirsty.
     togglechatcommandhide tcch => specify a chat message prefix that defines chat commands that are hidden from chat
     traderarea => ...
     traderlist => List Trader Areas
     unlockall => unlock all secure loots, chests and doors for the current player.
     updatelighton => Commands for UpdateLightOnAllMaterials and UpdateLightOnPlayers
     version => Get the currently running version of the game and loaded mods
     water => Control water settings
     weather => Control weather settings
     weathersurvival => Enables/disables weather survival
     webpermission => Manage web permission levels
     webstat => DEBUG PURPOSES ONLY
     webtokens => Manage web tokens
     whitelist => Manage whitelist entries

@Vangel dw, not getting the list to put everything in. Just making sure I got everything I need on the first submit.

@Vangel updated the admin list on github. Damn the new server commands are fantastic. A lot of those used to be only available with mods or server managers.

@Vangel server died!