7 Days 2 Die supported again

I have decided to stop supporting this game. There just isn’t enough players to keep it running. However I am open to bringing it back should we have enough players in future.

Yes, 7 days to die servers are just too inconsistent and is not worth the trouble. Servers barely show up at all and are also impossible to join. I did see your server after i refreshed the server browser 3 times, but was unable to join. Im already renting one for fun and it is full of griefing hackers. In just 3 hours i had to ban 2 very obvious hackers. The guests will not enjoy it.

It’s just the tail end of the patch cycle. A16 experimental is expected come out around June. Most hardcore 7D players are just taking a hiatus.

As for hackers, I highly recommend doing a blanket IP block for China. Not all but enough are from China to justify the decision.

Unless you have active admins for the better part of the day, griefers are just gonna be like an in game natural disaster. Which server are you running atm btw? One of the vilayer servers?

@saltydingleberries I am not running any servers for 7D atm.

@saltydingleberries is now moderator for a new server PCGuru.sg|Steamed Rice Server for us. Join him and his friends on the Vangel hosted server and have fun.
Hopefully he will have a basecamp setup soon so let us know here if you plan to join. If you’re lucky he can help you survive a bit longer than 7 minutes.

Basecamp won’t be up till at least day after.

Difficulty is set to 6. Ready your testicular tenacity.

Server I.P.: port:25000

Currently the loot quantity is pretty obscene at 250%. But considering how ‘tough’ the zombies are vs lowbie weapons, that might be necessary!

Lumberjacks require probably more than 20 arrows just to kill reliably!

damn, 20 arrows? Well better get to guns and building a good base soon

Not so bad once you get a 600 bow lol

@saltydingleberries, when is the planned released of alpha 16? I will be travelling from 1st to 4th June so I ask. In that time I will not be able to access the server. Just fyi.

No worries. It will always be an experimental release first then actual release is 1 week after. More than enough time!

Server is down btw, did something unexpected happen?

its up and runnnig for me. are you sure? please can you check. ill get on steam now

12th June is the expected date for Alpha 16 experimental build~

Gott keep a lookout for allocs updates

Testing email reply. 20 chars

Server dieded.


Sorry to hear that. You’re gonna have to wait till tomorrow morning. Do
you recall anything that was going on when this happened? Where you
executing any server commands?

Server is set to autostart but thats not something I have tested. You may
try later.

Was out for my usual evening runs, came back after dinner to see the server offline. (still is)

So, wasn’t able to observe any symptoms.

Should be back up now. There was no indication that server crashed. no errors either. It’s just weird.